For companies with vehicles

Manage your vehicles

Add, delete, update vehicles. Add your family or friend`s car to manage in the system. You can add up to three vehicles for online technical condition monitoring.

Real-time dashboard information

Get usage statistics. Customize it and change views as you like. Add widgets for the information you want to see in your system dashboard application.

Get technical information

Control vehicle "Check Engine" errors. Be sure with actual vehicle technical condition. Get notified about breakdowns on your phone, tablet or personal computer. Receive actual time and price offers for parts and repairing offers.

Online service book

Add notes to your vehicle online service book. Plan vehicle service intervals. Overview your service costs and maintenance prices.

Vehicle tracking system

Track your vehicles in real-time. Be aware of the location of your vehicles. Plan your trips and fuel costs. Wherever you are. Wherever your vehicles are.

Insurance manager

Overview actual insurance prices. Get discounts, calculate fees and change vehicle insurance online.

Parts finder

Find parts for your vehicles easily. Get parts recommendations, best prices and offers on availability, and delivery time. View parts suitable for your vehicle.

Get selling price

Get average sale cost based on technical condition, vehicle location, and same vehicle selling history. Overview sale purchase offers from qualified buyers.

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